Kashiwakura kuzaemonke

Buddhist altar room

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Here is the Buddhist altar room.
To protect the ancestors, it is built in the place that is difficult to burn even if a fire happens.
From about 250 years ago when it is built, and after being renovated about 110 years ago, it became the present Buddhist altar room.
Buddhist altar was brought by Kyoto using a ship called Kitamae ship.
The statue of Buddha is "Amida Sonzo”, which is 51 cm tall, with gilt lily sticky. It seems to be about 650 years old.
"Ranma" was made by altar craftsmen in Yamagata. The great beauty of Japan, MIYAGI MATSUSHIMA in Miyagi, HIROSHIMA MIYAJIMA, and KYOTO AMANOHASHIDATE are engraved on it.
In the afternoon, Buddha statue shines in the light of the sunset from the west, which is very beautiful.
There are three stones in the garden that can be seen in the south, showing as the Buddha statue.
The stones are fossil of a trees called petrified wood.